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Control your propane costs

Fortunately, propane prices have come back down quite a bit since midwinter. But some of the national supply challenges that led to the winter increase continue to concern us.

If you want to lock in your rate with our Parker Protection Plan, please call us today or visit ParkerGas.com for more details. (Click the links for “Propane Services” and “Price Protection Program.”)

We also encourage you to enroll in our EasyPay plan. This spreads out your fuel payments over 11 months and virtually cuts your winter fuel bills in half! You’ll never have to worry about getting a big winter fuel bill again. Enroll now and you could be eligible for discounts of as much as 13¢ per gallon!*

Call today for details.

*10¢ for switching from “will-call” to automatic delivery; 3¢ for enrolling in EasyPay