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Don’t let bugs spoil your barbecue!


Just like you, our team enjoys firing up their propane grills on their days off. To make your backyard barbecues more enjoyable this season, we have some tips to help you keep bugs at bay.

Place bug zappers, mosquito machines or traps away from the barbecue area. These devices are designed to attract bugs! Put them at a distance.

Water your flowering plants right before you start your barbecue. Pollinating insects stay away from wet plants.

Use an oscillating fan in your seating area. The air current will deter flying insects.

Eliminate standing water. Stagnant water in tires, birdbaths, pool covers, clogged gutters and landscaped ponds is a breeding site for mosquitoes.

Use yellow bulbs or low-voltage lighting. Neon, fluorescent and bright lights attract insects. To reduce insect incursions further, turn off any unnecessary lighting inside your home.

Avoid mulch. Many landscapers, for cosmetic purposes, will pile up mulch around trees and foundation shrubs. But this leads to the growth of fungi—and insects that feed on fungi! Opt for decorative stone instead; it won’t attract bugs and provides proper drainage and evaporation.