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Ask the Expert

Renae Larson

Q: How do you know when to make automatic deliveries?

A: You don’t have to call us, because we know when to deliver your propane. Our computer system monitors your fuel-use patterns and tracks outdoor temperatures. We schedule your delivery when your estimated fuel level reaches 25%. This provides enough reserve to make sure we get you more gas in plenty of time.

Q: Will I ever run out?

A: We stand by our delivery system. In the cases when people have run out of fuel, we’ve found that it’s because they either needed a larger tank or they added propane appliances without telling us. (We need to calculate the extra fuel you will use when you add a new appliance.) Please notify us if you have added more appliances in your home.

Q: Do automatic deliveries cost more?

A: No, you pay less! We give all of our automatic delivery customers a 10¢-per-gallon discount.