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All Set to Make You Feel Comfortable With Us

Dear Friends,

Daren and David Parker

There is no doubt about it; last winter proved to be a big challenge. First, we all had to deal with cold temperatures and snowstorms. Things got even worse by midwinter when propane prices really went up. During that time, we at Parker Gas did our best to minimize the pain for our customers by making short-fill deliveries until prices leveled off and began to drop.

While we cannot control all of the factors that affect propane supply and pricing, we have taken significant steps to ensure that you do not suffer when outside forces line up against us.

As a Parker Gas customer, you benefit from the fact that we have multiple supplier relationships and that we receive our fuel by different modes of transportation, including railcars and tanker trucks. We also operate our own fuel storage facility (see related article at right).

Of course we cannot predict the future, but we can tell you this: No matter what happens this winter, we will do everything in our power to keep you warm and safe, and maintain a dependable supply of propane for you at a fair price. It’s our way of making sure you’ll feel comfortable with us!


David Parker and Daren Parker