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Ask the Expert

Jef Lanier

Q: How do I get hot water from a water heater that doesn’t have a tank?

A: A propane tankless water heater uses a flame so hot you don’t need to keep water sitting in a storage tank, eating up energy dollars while it waits to be used. You simply turn on a hot-water faucet. A flow sensor will activate a propane gas burner to heat the water. The heating will continue until you turn off the faucet, at which point the gas burner shuts off.

Q: Will a propane tankless water heater save me money?

A: Yes. Propane tankless water heaters can save you more than $150 every year on hot-water costs.* And since most have a life expectancy of more than 20 years, about twice as long as a standard tank water heater, that adds up to big savings.

Save up to $300

For a limited time, we can help you qualify for rebates of up to $200 on a propane tankless water heater. And if you install a tankless water heater by July 31, we’ll give you an additional $100 discount. Please contact us today to learn more.