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How Much Do You Know About Propane?

How much do you know

You may know that propane is a smart and efficient alternative to electricity for powering a wide range of equipment all around your home. Here are five things you may not know:

  1. When combined with air, the source of ignition for propane must be at least 940° — twice as hot as what is required to ignite gasoline.
  2. Propane Autogas is a safe and cost-effective motor fuel; it’s used for buses, fleet trucks, forklifts, tractors and lawn mowers.
  3. Propane-fueled hybrid heat pumps can be used to keep your home warmer when temperatures drop below freezing.
  4. Nontoxic propane poses no threat to soil and water; that’s why installing propane tanks (above- or below ground) is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  5. Propane is an essential fuel for many farms in North Carolina. It’s used for irrigation pumps, crop drying, fruit ripening, space and water heating, generators and refrigeration. We are proud to support our farming communities with reliable deliveries of propane!

Source: Propane Education and Research Council