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We’ll Find You the Money!

We can help you save hundreds of dollars on new propane appliances!

Blue piggy bank

Through the Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program, which is funded by the North Carolina Propane Education and Research Foundation (NCPERF), homeowners can offset the cost of installing new propane appliances.

Save $600 on a tankless water heater!

For starters, rebates of up to $300 are available for a wide range of propane-fueled equipment, from furnaces and gas packs to tankless water heaters and cooktops/ranges.

But you can save even more! For example, ask us to install a qualifying propane tankless water heater and you can be eligible for $200 in rebates from the North Carolina program, another $100 in Rinnai rebates and a $300 federal tax credit. That’s a savings of $600!

Call us or visit PropaneNorthCarolina.com and click the “Rebates & Coupons” page for further details.

Don’t wait too long. These rebates are only available while funds last!