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Five Ways Propane Makes Summer Better

Family gardening

Posted: June 8, 2017

Summer’s on the way – with it comes some of the most interesting opportunities to use clean, green propane to improve your quality of life at home!

Propane can turn an average summer into a great one by:

  1. Powering your outdoor kitchen – From grills and patio heaters, propane will make your outdoor kitchen your go-to entertainment spot.
  2. Protecting your family and home – A whole-house propane generator will not only keep the lights on during a power outage – it will also keep your medical equipment, sump pumps, air quality gear, and security systems running.
  3. Keeping your pool warm – Nothing beats a cool dip on a hot day….except a warm dip on a cool evening! When you’re ready to wind down for the evening in your heated pool or spa, nothing does the job better than propane.
  4. Firing up your star gazing – Imagine sitting by the fire under the stars – just by clicking a button. With a outdoor propane hearth, you’ll get the comfort of a fire without the hassles (or dangers) of wood fire set up and clean up.
  5. Keeping your garden growing – Propane can power your trimmers, mowers, leaf-blowers, and others gardening tools cleaner and more efficiently than gasoline while emitting less carbon and other pollutants.

Discover propane power for yourself this summer – contact Parker today to learn how!