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Propane – A Clean, Green Way to Power Your North Carolina Home or Business!

Cardboard house green energy

Posted: July 21, 2017

Most people know that propane is one of the best fuels for a grillbut it’s so much more than that!

In fact, propane is one of the most versatile energy sources around, able to power everything from hearths and space heaters to pool heaters, lawnmowers, and even light-to medium-duty fleet trucks.

Why switch to propane for your home or business? Let’s count the reasons:

  1. It’s efficient – Propane-powered appliances are extremely efficient – far more than similar electric-powered models.
  2. It’s green – Burning propane produces almost no greenhouse gas emissions (unlike electricity, which is often produced by burning coal, or gasoline) – so it’s a great way to shrink your carbon footprint.
  3. It’s powerful – Propane burns very hot, so it power virtually any appliance – and usually for less per BTU than other types of fuel.
  4. It’s reliable – Propane powers vehicles, homes and businesses all over the world – even when the electric grid goes down.
  5. It’s safe – The propane industry has rigorous safety standards – one of the key reasons for its remarkable safety record. Propane appliances have many built-in safeguards, too.
  6. It’s made in the USA – Almost all the propane used domestically is produced in the US or Canada, which reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Ready to make the smart switch to propane? Parker Gas can help! Contact us today for a FREE estimate on a conversion for your North Carolina home.