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Kind Words from a Customer

Autumn Leaf

We recently heard from Jeff Weaver, of Wilmington, who told us, “The people working at Parker Gas go above and beyond what anyone could ever expect.” Here’s why Jeff was so impressed:

“I had an issue with my regulator and gas line hookup, so I called several gas companies in the area, and due to my needs being so small, I was unable to get any sort of advice or assistance from anyone — until I contacted Parker Gas. My wife brought our old regulator to your office and your service technician Will Thompson checked it and explained what needed to be done to install it correctly. Mr. Thompson gave my wife his number in case she had any questions, and when she got home, something didn’t seem right, so she called him. He told her he would come by the house and connect it for her as soon as he finished the job he was working on, which he did promptly. This is by far the best service I have ever gotten from any company for any service in my entire life!”