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Preparing a Generator Winter Readiness Plan

Winter night house

Posted: November 28, 2017

Having a whole house propane generator is a great way to protect your family, your home, and your belongings during a winter power outage – but only if it operates when you need it most.

To make sure it does, it pays to have a Generator Winter Readiness Plan that enables you to prepare for and respond to a severe weather power outage.

Here are some items to include in your Plan:

  1. Pre-season and pre-event preparation
    • Review your generator’s operating manual – Don’t wait for the moment of truth to learn how your generator works.
    • Service your generator – Invest in a professional inspection and repairs before you need to rely on it for winter use.
    • Run your system – Would you try to start your car after three months sitting in your driveway during winter? Run your standby generator for a few minutes at least once or twice a month in winter to lubricate parts and make sure everything is in working order.
    • Have a “Plan B” – Know what you will do if your generator does not start.
  2. During severe winter weather
    • Keep access to your generator clear – Clear at least a 12” pathway open to your generator and keep its gas line accessible for refueling.
    • Monitor and document generator operation – Keep track of how often and for how long your generator is called into service, along with any problems or repairs that may occur.
  3. Post-winter event record keeping and maintenance
    • Review /Revise your Readiness Plan – After the storm, and again when winter ends, assess what worked and didn’t work in your plan, making changes as needed.
    • Have your system maintained – Make sure you’re ready for summer storm season when it arrives!

Stay one step ahead of severe winter weather with a propane backup generator – installed and maintained by Parker Gas! Contact us today to learn more.