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Comfort Guard: Propane Peace of Mind, with No More Run-Outs

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Posted: December 22, 2017

A few months ago on this blog we talked about how avoiding costly and potentially dangerous propane runouts was one of the best reasons to sign up for FREE Automatic propane delivery from Parker Gas (the other, of course, being that you’ll never have to call for a propane delivery again).

We still think Automatic Delivery is great (definitely a much better option than managing your propane orders yourself), but it’s a system that depends on estimates to time your delivery – specifically, how much propane you’ve used in the past, and how much you’re likely to be using now (based on degree days).

The problem with estimates is that life changes: children come home from college, homes get renovated, heating systems get older and less efficient…you get the picture. Pretty soon your estimate is (sometime literally) out the window.

Fortunately, there is a way to virtually guarantee that you’ll NEVER run out of propane: sign up for Comfort Guard propane tank monitoring from Parker Gas. Comfort Guard tracks your actual propane usage and lets us know when it’s time for a refill (it lets you know, too, by text or email). For less than 25¢ a day, this maintenance-free, easy to install system will help you by:

Sign up by 12/31 and Comfort Guard is FREE for 2018!

Sign up for Comfort Guard by December 31, and we’ll give you the first year free!* We’ll even double your automatic delivery discount from 10¢ per gallon to 20¢ per gallon. That’s free, money saving peace of mind – where else can you find THAT these days?

Contact us today to sign up for Comfort Guard and take one more step toward a worry-free winter!

* To qualify for the first year of free coverage, customer must use 400 gallons or more annually. Other conditions may apply.