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Why Can’t I Fix My Own Propane Appliances?

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Posted: March 27, 2018

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is a DIY-er, able to fix just about any home comfort problem after watching a few YouTube videos.

What you often don’t see in those videos is that a simple problem or oversight can lead to disastrous results – especially when you’re dealing with combustion appliances.

Working with propane presents unique safety issues that you are probably not trained to handle (our technicians do this work every day and still attend trainings each year to keep themselves up to date with the latest systems). But don’t just take our word for it: according to propane101.com, “attempting to open appliances or modify gas appliance operation can severely damage the inner workings of the appliance or cause…property damage, fire or bodily injury.”

Is saving a few dollars in the short-term really worth all that risk to your home and family?

To make professional propane equipment repair even more of a no-brainer, keep this in mind: whoever does the repairs will more than likely have to work with your propane supplier to make sure that your appliance inlet is set to the proper flow rate. Do you know enough about your system to have that conversation with your supplier?

Most people aren’t, and your family’s safety depends on it.

The bottom line: there are some things in life that are worth spending money on, and your family’s safety is at the top of that list. if you need a propane equipment repair in your North Carolina home, do yourself a favor and pick up the phone for professional service from Parker Gas.

Contact us today to learn more about propane repairs for your propane equipment and appliances!