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Why Do I Need a Propane Tank Monitor?

Posted: April 4, 2018

We’re big fans of Automatic Delivery here at Parker – it’s one of the best ways take the stress out of managing your propane deliveries, and to prevent inconvenient or even dangerous propane run-outs. When you consider that it’s FREE, it’s really a no brainer.

But even Automatic Delivery has its limitations – mostly because it’s based on an estimate of how much propane gas you’ve used in the past (along with the current weather, using a degree day system). What automatic delivery is not so good at is taking into account variables not related to weather – how much you used your propane fireplace or pool heater compared to last year, for example, or if you’ve had a child move back home after four years away at college.

To get the most accurate idea of how much propane gas you’re using, you have to know exactly what’s in the tank at any given time of the day or week.

That’s where Comfort Guard comes in.

Comfort Guard is a propane tank monitoring system that uses a radio signal to track your actual propane usage, then alert us when it’s time to fill your tank (you’ll also get an email or text to let you know your fuel level is getting low). Whether you’re home every day or a snowbird who goes away for the winter, it’s a great way to make managing your propane deliveries a worry-free proposition.

Best of all, you’ll get that peace of mind for less than 25¢ per day – and that doesn’t include the 10-cent per gallon discount our Comfort Guard customers get on every gallon of propane we deliver.

The bottom line: even if you’ve never had a propane run-out before, Comfort Guard could be a smart move for you. To learn how smart, give us a call today.

Sign up for Comfort Guard today and we’ll double your automatic delivery discount from 10¢ per gallon to 20¢ per gallon – and if you ever run out with Comfort Guard, your next fill-up is free! Contact us today to learn more.