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Propane safety for kids: Keep it simple, keep it fun

Posted: July 01, 2018

When it comes to powering your appliances , propane has one of the best safety records around – but that doesn’t mean you can take propane safety for granted, especially if you have children living in your home.

The question is how do you make learning about propane safety interesting enough for a child to remember what they need to do if and when an emergency strikes?

Our friends at the Propane Education and Research Council have some suggestions (you can find more on their PropaneKids.com website):

Making propane safety interesting for your children can help them remember what to do in an emergency – a knowledge that could one day save a life. Take the time to do it right – and have some fun along the way!

For more tips and activities, visit the Tools and Resources page at PorpaneKids.com.

Keep your family safe now and always – contact Parker Gas today if you have any questions about propane safety for your North Carolina home.