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Why Switch to a Propane Cooking Range?

Brand new propane gas stove

Posted: July 19, 2018

Look in the kitchen of just about any restaurant and you’ll find a gas-powered stove. That’s not a coincidence.

For most chefs, the ability of a gas cooktop to control heat quickly and precisely is enough to seal the deal. Need to adjust from a boil to a simmer in seconds? You can do it easily with gas. With an electric cooktop? You might be waiting a while.

But temperature control is not the only advantage of a propane cooking range, and chefs aren’t the only people who will benefit from using one. Consider that:

The bottom line: if you’re serious about cooking, gas is the only way to go – and propane is the easiest way to get you there, with no need for natural gas hookups or hassles. Propane can also power just about any appliance, including cooking equipment such as convection ovens, griddles and grill tops – even deep fryers.

Still have an electric stove? Make the switch to propane! Contact Parker today to learn more about propane appliance upgrades for your North Carolina home.