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Can I Convert My Appliances from Conventional Gas to Propane?

Propane gas stove top

Posted: July 24, 2018

If you’ve recently made the switch to propane in your North Carolina home, you may have some appliances that aren’t equipped to be used in your new propane system. The question is, should you convert these appliances?

Though conversions are often possible, they have become much more difficult in recent years as manufacturers have created more propane- or natural gas-specific equipment. If an appliance can be converted, doing so involves replacing valves, burners, and regulators to allow for pressure differences between the gasses – a process that can be costly and dangerous if not done by a professional.

If you are considering converting an appliance from conventional to propane gas, follow these guidelines:

  1. Check the rating plate on your appliance – most will list the specific gas it is designed for and whether it can be converted. If conversion is possible, the rating plate should say so; a conversion kit may even be included in your appliance packaging.
  2. If you’re not absolutely sure how to perform a conversion, leave it to an expert; in fact, local law may require your conversion to be done by a trained professional. Never attempt to convert an appliance if you are unsure whether it can be converted; you could start a fire, cause a gas leak, or permanently damage the appliance.
  3. It is critical to use parts that are the correct size for the job; not doing so could cause a fire or gas leak.
  4. Never attempt to convert electric appliances.
  5. Consider the cost; it is often cheaper to buy a new propane gas appliance than to purchase the parts necessary to convert an old one.

Following these guidelines to help decide whether conversion of your gas appliances is right for you; if you’re not sure – or if you need to install equipment to replace your old gas equipment – contact us today.