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No Propane Run-Outs, Guaranteed: Get TankWatch Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Posted: October 15, 2018

Automatic Delivery is a great way to take the hassle and worry out of your propane deliveries, and to avoid propane run-outs.

But because Automatic Delivery is based on an approximation of your past propane use and the current weather, it will always be a “guestimate” (an educated guestimate, but a guestimate all the same). What Automatic Delivery doesn’t handle so well are sudden, significant changes in gas use – a fast onset of cold weather, for example, or an increased use of propane due to a change in lifestyle or the size of your home (if you renovate and add a room, for example).

The good news is there is a way to know exactly what’s in your propane tank in real time, up to the minute: install a TankWatch monitoring system.

A tank monitor is a small device that mounts to your propane tank that uses radio or cellular signals to tell us (and you) how much propane is available right now. Installation takes just minutes (you don’t even have to be home) and includes a user-friendly phone app to keep you in the know).

TankWatch is ideal if you’re away for extended periods in the winter – or if you’re simply too busy to worry about propane deliveries. Best of all, you’ll enjoy TankWatch peace of mind for FREE in the first year you use it – and for a nominal fee after that. And if you ever run out of fuel with Comfort Guard, your next fill-up is on us!

Sign up for TankWatch today and get one year of guaranteed no-runout peace of mind FREE. Contact us today to learn more.