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Propane Hearths: The Beauty of a Wood Fire at the Touch of a Button

Propane hearth

Posted: January 28, 2019

Everyone loves the warm glow of a fire. But let’s face it – gathering wood and sweeping ash can get tiresome after a while.

With a propane hearth, that warm glow is just a button-click away – and best of all, you can install one without a chimney, or even inside an existing wood-burning fireplace!

Types of propane hearths

Propane hearth installations fall into two general categories:

Both of these categories of propane hearths can be extremely realistic, and they’re available in a number of sizes and finishes to match just about any décor. Installing a propane fireplace insert or log set takes about a day; a fireplace installation can take a bit longer.

Get all the benefits of a fireplace without the hassles or mess! Contact us today for a FREE estimate on a propane fireplace insert or propane gas log set for your North Carolina home!