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How Do I Check My Propane Levels?

Propane tank gauge

Posted: February 4, 2019

If you’re a Parker “will-call” propane customer (that is, if you manage your own propane supply from us rather than opting for automatic propane delivery), one of the most important tasks you have is to keep a close eye on your tank levels throughout the winter.

The question is, do you know how to do it?

Reading a propane tank gauge is actually pretty easy: just look near the top of the tank for a round dial with the numbers from 5 – 95 on it (it looks like a speedometer).

Just keep in mind that a propane tank is never filled to 100 of its maximum capacity; about 20 percent of the tank must remain empty to allow the gas to expand as temperatures change (this number drops to 15 percent for underground propane tanks, since the ground insulates the tank to prevent big temperature swings). A “full” 125-gallon tank, in other words, only contains about 100 gallons of propane. For a complete list of capacity conversions, see the chart below.

The most important thing about reading your propane gas gauge, though, is to remember not wait for the last minute to schedule your propane delivery – especially when temperatures are low or dropping. Contact us for a fill-up when your gauge reads no less than 25 percent full; that will give us enough time to get to you before you run out of gas.

If you do experience a propane run-out, don’t panic – call us Parker Gas for emergency service. We will inspect your propane appliances and perform your mandatory leak and pressure test, then get your tank refilled and ready to go.

How many gallons of propane do you have left?

Tank Gauge Reads 60 gal tank 125 gal tank 320 gal tank 500 gal tank 1000 gal tank
80% (Full) 48 100 256 400 800
70% 42 87.5 224 350 700
60% 36 75 192 300 600
50% 30 62.5 160 250 500
40% 24 50 160 200 400
30% 18 37.5 96 150 300
25% If your gauge reads 25 percent, contact us for a delivery right away!
20% 12 25 64 100 200
10% 6 12.5 32 50 100

For reliable propane gas delivery in our North Carolina service area, trust the pros at Parker Gas. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule your propane delivery.