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Five smart moves you can make right now in your propane-powered home

Home comfort

Posted: June 3, 2019

“Home comfort” is about more than just having a warm, cozy home in the winter, or a great outdoor living space in the summer – it’s about enjoying those things without the stresses that can often accompany them.

Here are five stress-busting ways to get more enjoyment out of your propane-powered North Carolina home in the months ahead:

  1. Make your billing “boring” – Surprises can be great – but not when they come in the form of a higher than expected heating bill. You can avoid that problem by signing up for our Easy Pay Budget Plan and spreading your annual propane bill out over 11 equal and manageable payments (with one adjustment payment or credit period). With Easy Pay, you will know exactly what you’re going to pay month after month – no more mid-winter surprises!
  2. Cut the clutter – Switch to Autopay and paperless e-billing from Parker Gas – you’ll save time and a stamp (and maybe a tree or two), and you’ll avoid the potential late fees that can come from forgetting to pay your bill.
  3. Get a clean bill of (home) health – A professional propane inspection from Parker Gas will ensure that the propane tank and propane appliances in your North Carolina home working safely and properly.
  4. Put more eyes on your propane – Install a propane tank monitor and our delivery teams will keep tabs on exactly how much propane is in your tank at all times. You’ll never run out of propane again!
  5. Up your propane game – Old, inefficient propane appliances could be weighing you down with higher bills and poor performance. An upgrade to more efficient equipment (a propane tankless water heater, for example) could save enough energy to pay for itself within a few years – in the meantime, you’ll get better and more reliable equipment for your NC home.

More comfort, less stress – that’s our promise to you when you become a Parker Gas customer and take advantage of our convenient services! Contact us today to learn more!