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Offseason propane maintenance for your appliances

furnace maintenance
Summer 2019 is here in all its hot, sticky glory – and you’re probably much more concerned with getting relief from your A/C than you are with thinking about your propane appliances.

But hold on: you could be missing an opportunity here.

In truth, summer can be great time to take care of at least a few of your hard-working propane equipment: propane technicians are often available to take care of the work (unlike in late summer or early fall, when convenient appointment times are hard to come by), and you just might find yourself spending a little extra time at home staycationing with the kids.

If you are feeling industrious and want to save yourself some time and headaches once back-to-school time rolls around, scheduling propane appliance maintenance now is a smart move. The question is, which propane appliances should be serviced and when?

Here is some quick guidance to help you schedule your propane maintenance:

Summer is a great time to schedule just about any type of propane equipment maintenance – you’ll beat the pre-fall rush and find an appointment time that fits your busy schedule. If you’re not sure which of your equipment is due for routine maintenance, give the propane experts at Parker Gas a call today – we’ll figure it out together.