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Why Do I Need A Propane Tank Monitor?

tank monitors north carolina
Automatic propane delivery is a great way to manage your propane supply throughout the year, and to avoid the cost, hassles, and possible dangers of a propane gas run-out.

But as much as we love automatic delivery here at Parker Gas, it isn’t a perfect solution.

That’s because your automatic delivery schedule is based on estimates – a combination of how much propane you’ve used in the past, how much propane a house your size is likely to use, and how cold the weather is here in North Carolina. So, as you might guess, automatic delivery is most reliable if your propane needs don’t change much from year to year.

But what if they do?

What if you’ve added a room to your home, or installed more or larger propane appliances? What your aging parent, who likes the house warm, has moved in with you – or if you had to use your propane pool heater more frequently than in years past? In those scenarios (and others), your estimates will probably be off, putting you at risk for a propane run-out.

The good news is there is a way to manage your propane deliveries that removes all possibilities of an unexpected empty tank: install a Parker Gas TankWatch tank monitor.

With a TankWatch monitoring system, a device is mounted to your tank that keeps tabs – in real time – of exactly how much propane you have left. It transmits that amount to our delivery teams – and to you (via an app on your cel phone) – so everyone knows when you will need a propane delivery. If your propane usage goes rises or drops, we’ll know it instantly and respond quickly so you’ll never run out of gas (if you do, your next fill-up is on us!).

It’s the future of propane delivery for your NC home – brought to you now by the propane pros at Parker Gas. Best of all, you’ll enjoy TankWatch peace of mind for FREE in the first year you use it – and for a nominal fee after that.

Want to learn more about propane tank monitoring – or any of our other convenient residential propane services for your North Carolina home? Contact us today!