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5 Ways to Make Winter Easier

make winter easier north carolinaThere are so many things to look forward to as winter approaches, like holidays, getting together with family and friends, good food and more!

We have some ways to make the coming season easier on you, your wallet and your eastern North Carolina home.

  • Contact Parker Gas for a propane gas appliance safety check. Protect your family and your home. The service technicians at Parker Gas will come to your home and thoroughly inspect your propane tank and your propane gas lines, following guidelines developed by the propane industry.
  • Make sure you’ll always have propane. Enroll in automatic propane delivery with Parker Gas and you won’t have the work or worry over monitoring your propane tank gauge levels. Our calculation system uses the weather and your home’s propane usage to accurately predict when you’ll need propane, and we schedule a propane delivery before you run low. Want even more peace of mind? Use our wireless tank monitoring!
  • Sign up for Auto Pay. No need to find your checkbook, a stamp and your Parker Gas statement anymore. And no more worrying about whether or not the postman will delivery your Parker Gas bill on time. With Auto Pay, Parker Gas automatically deducts your payment from your checking account or credit card. And you get a .03 cents per gallon discount when you sign up for Auto Pay!
  • Replace old propane appliances. By upgrading to newer, high-efficiency propane appliances like water heaters, space heaters and fireplaces,
  • Keep a clear path. Please make it safe and easier for Parker Gas propane delivery drivers to efficiently deliver your propane. Take a few minutes and remove snow, ice and other obstructions that keep us from safely accessing your home’s propane tank.
  • Parker Gas has the propane delivery and propane appliances you need to get through this winter in warmth and comfort. Get in touch with us today and become a Parker Gas customer!