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5 Benefits to Owning a Propane Fireplace this Winter

propane fireplace benefits north carolinaAs we are approaching Thanksgiving, winter is just around the corner.

And on those winter days, it’s nice to stay in your eastern North Carolina home and enjoy a cozy, warm fire in the fireplace.

But before you get to that relaxing scene, you have a lot of work to do if you have a wood burning fireplace. The to-do list includes buying and/or chopping firewood, going out into the cold (and maybe rain or snow) to bring it into the house, building the fire, waiting for it to ignite, waiting for it to get the room warm, and then dealing with the mess of soot and ashes when the fire is done.

Advantages of propane hearths

Or you can skip all that with a propane fireplace from Parker Gas! Here are five reasons why you won’t regret it.

Get the heat without the hassle. When you have a propane fireplace, you don’t have to do any of that! Simply flip a switch, or use a remote control, and you have a fire.

No work afterwards, either. With a propane fireplace, when you’re ready to leave the room, it’s just as easy as starting the fire. Turn off the fireplace. That’s it. No smoke, no embers, no ashes, no soot, no problem.

Installation is also easy as pie. To install a wood burning fireplace, you’d face weeks of work, dirt and mess in your home, and thousands of dollars in costs. With a propane fireplace or fireplace insert, you’ll spend less money and installation is easier and much, much cleaner.

You have choices. There’s more than one kind of propane fireplace. There’s a propane fireplace insert, which is installed along with gas logs into an existing wood burning fireplace. There are also freestanding propane fireplace structures and stoves which are installed on a blank wall. These are ideal if you don’t have a fireplace in the room or in your house.

Propane is an easier fuel than wood. That brings us to propane, which you’ll need if you’re installing a propane fireplace. Parker Gas can provide that as well with our dependable propane delivery! And if you sign up for our automatic propane delivery and wireless tank monitoring, you’ll rest easy knowing that you can have a fire in your fireplace without worry about having enough propane.

The propane appliance professionals at Parker Gas can help you choose the right propane fireplace for your home. Contact us today and get started!