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Propane Safety Tips For Cold Weather

cold-weather propane north carolinaWhile we here in eastern North Carolina don’t get the cold winters like those in the Northeast or Upper Midwest, it can still get pretty chilly here.

That’s why propane is such a great energy source for your home. It’s unmatched for quality and safety when it comes to keeping you warm and comfortable in the winter.

But don’t take propane safety for granted. You still need to know how to keep yourself and your family safe if there is an emergency. That’s why we have five tips here for you.

  1. Make sure all adults in your household know how to shut off the propane supply at your propane tank. Don’t know how to do that? Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help!
  2. Even when it’s cold out, keep your propane cylinders like the ones for your BBQ grill, outdoors. Never store them in a garage, basement, shed, tent, sunporch or carport.
  3. NEVER use outdoor propane equipment like grills or portable generators indoors because the carbon monoxide they give off is dangerous and potentially deadly. Speaking of carbon monoxide, test and replace the batteries in all of your carbon monoxide detectors and make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to maintenance.
  4. If a winter storm is in the local weather forecast, check your propane tank gauge levels and make sure you have enough propane to last at least a week following the storm, as road closures and hazardous conditions like icing may make it hard for your propane delivery driver to get to you. If you need more propane, schedule a propane delivery.
  5. After the storm, use a broom (to protect fragile parts) to clear snow or debris blocking chimneys, flues and vents so there’s no carbon monoxide buildup in your home. Clear your driveway and make sure you always keep a clear, safe path to your propane tank so your propane delivery driver can access it.

Want more information about propane safety and winter weather? Contact Parker Gas and we’ll fill you in.