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Use Propane Safely During a Winter Storm

winter storm propane north carolinaWhile we here in eastern North Carolina may not get the harsh temperatures and heavy snows like they do up north, winter weather can still be a hassle. And dangerous.

Winter Storm Propane Safety

Make sure you keep your home warm, safe and comfortable in severe winter weather with these tips.

  1. Keep an eye on your propane usage. You should have enough propane to last at least a week as road conditions may make our propane deliveries difficult or delayed. If a storm is in the forecast and your propane tank gauge level is around 30 percent full or lower, contact Parker Gas for a propane delivery.
  2. Use less propane with a programmable thermostat. If the storm is bad, propane deliveries may be delayed because of road conditions and a higher number of emergency deliveries and services. Set your programmable thermostat as low as possible to keep your family comfortable, but not too low because your pipes may freeze.
  3. Keep your outdoor propane equipment outdoors. NEVER use your outdoor propane BBQ grill, portable generator, or other outdoor propane appliances indoors because it may create a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide inside your home, which can be deadly. Also NEVER store propane cylinders like the one you use for your BBQ grill in your garage, shed, sunporch or carport.
  4. Keep a clear path to your propane tank. Make sure we can get to your propane tank to fill it by maintaining a clear path. Use a stake with a colored flag on top so we can find your tank, especially if it’s an underground tank. Also, if your driveway is not safely cleared, our delivery drivers may not be able to deliver your propane.
  5. Don’t forget ventilation. Use a broom to carefully clear snow and ice from vents, chimneys and flues so your propane appliances can vent safely.
  6. Be careful clearing snow. If you use a snowplow to clear your driveway, make sure whoever is operating it knows where the propane tank is so they know to steer clear of it. You should also clear snow off your propane tank and around it, as it can damage parts and may make the tank shift, both of which can create propane leaks. DON’T use a shovel for this task. Use a broom so you won’t puncture the tank or damage any parts.
  7. Clear out if you smell gas. If you smell the rotten-egg odor propane in your home or around your propane tank, get everyone out of the house IMMEDIATELY. Don’t use any electrical switches or phones, and extinguish potential ignition sources like cigarettes or candles. Once you’re safely away, call Parker Gas or 911 for help. Read more about propane safety here.

Rely on Parker Gas for safe and dependable propane delivery. Become a customer today and don’t forget to ask about our automatic propane delivery!