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Don’t Run Out! Keep Track of your Propane Supply

propane run out There are a lot of things to do this time of year, what with buying and wrapping gifts, sending cards, hosting or going to holiday dinners and parties, and more.

Don’t put cold water on all the holly-jolly with a propane run-out at your North Carolina home!

Make sure you have enough propane to keep your home cozy and warm all winter long.

First, you should know how to read your propane tank gauge levels. Don’t let your tank get below 25 percent full, or you’re at risk for a runout if the weather turns bad.

You can also have an idea of how much propane the propane appliances in your home use. Here’s a guide to the average yearly usage rates for the more common propane appliances. Keep in mind that propane usage for these usually goes up in the winter months.

Propane appliance Annual gallons of propane used
Propane furnace 500
Propane water heater 200
Propane fireplace 100
Propane stove or range 35

There’s a great way to make sure you always have enough propane. Sign up for automatic propane delivery from Parker Gas! It takes all the work and worry off your hands. We use your home’s history of propane usage and the current weather to calculate your propane needs. Then we schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

No more having to go out in bad weather to check your propane tank gauge levels. No more having to call and schedule a delivery. No more hassle and cost that come with run-outs because your tank has to be pressure tested and all your burners re-lit.

But wait, there’s more! You also get a 10-cents-per-gallon discount as an automatic propane delivery customer!

For even more peace of mind, we offer TankWatch wireless tank monitoring, complete with the Parker Gas smartphone app that lets you monitor your propane tank levels whenever you like, wherever you are. And if you ever have a run-out with TankWatch, your fill-up is on us! Contact us to learn more.

Count on Parker Gas for reliable propane delivery. Become a customer today!