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gas log set
There’s nothing quite like the cozy warmth of a fire in your fireplace on a cold or rainy night here in North Carolina.

However, many of us don’t want to deal with the work of a wood fire, especially after a busy day. First, you have to bring in the wood from outside. Then you have to build the fire and wait for it to get going before you can get to relax in front of it.

But you’re not done yet! After the fire’s out, you have the messy job of cleaning up the ashes and soot.

Get the heat without the hassle by adding propane gas logs to your masonry or brick fireplace!

With propane gas logs, you can have a fire in your fireplace any time you want it. Just push a button or flip a switch and your work is done! You can sit back and enjoy the realistic look today’s propane gas logs and the flames. When you’re done, just turn off the fireplace and that’s it. No cleanup, no work, no worries!

Parker Gas offers FREE estimates for adding propane gas logs to your home.

Our professionals will work with you to find the right gas logs for your fireplace. We can also help you convert to propane, and install your new propane gas logs. Our technicians are skilled and experienced so the job is done safely, and done right the first time.

What kind of gas log?

You have choices when it comes to gas logs: Direct-vent, vented or vent-free. Factors such as local building codes, fireplace placement, efficiency and looks will all play a part in your decision.

Vented gas logs give you a large, realistic flame that closely resembles a wood fire. If the aesthetics and atmosphere a wood fire gives is what you want, this is the best choice. However, because vented logs require an open chimney flue or damper, you’re not going to get great efficiency when it comes to heating.

Direct-vent gas logs are used in direct-vent propane fireplaces, which use air pulled in from the outdoors for combustion. No flue is needed, thus the fireplace or freestanding stove you’re using them in can be placed anywhere in your home.

Vent-free gas logs operate with the chimney flue closed. That gives you better heating efficiency and they can be controlled by a thermostat. But you won’t have as high or realistic flames as you get with vented gas logs. They also must be kept at least three feet away from anything combustible such as furniture, curtains, plants and clothing.

Other options

If you don’t have an existing masonry or brick fireplace in your home, you can still get that charming ambiance with direct vent and vent-free propane fireplaces and gas stoves.

Parker Gas sells and installs a wide variety of propane fireplaces and stoves, with styles ranging from rustic to traditional to contemporary. We only carry propane fireplaces, stoves and gas logs from top quality manufacturers such as Empire, Monessen, HeatMaster, Buck Stove, Majestic and Peterson.

Ready for the convenience and comfort of propane gas logs? Get in touch with Parker Gas today and get started on adding them to your home!