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automatic propane monitor
Propane does a lot in your North Carolina home.

It keeps you warm, it cooks your food, it heats your water, and more. But if you run out of propane, none of that is happening. But what is happening is an emergency propane delivery, the required pressure test and re-lighting of the pilots in all of your propane appliances, and the hassle and costs that come with all of that.

Want to make sure that doesn’t happen? Get TankWatch wireless propane tank monitoring!

How TankWatch works

Wireless technology does so much. You can keep an eye on your home while you’re away. You can adjust your home’s heating, cooling and lighting from your smartphone.

And with TankWatch, you can manage your propane supply anytime, anywhere you have a wireless connection. The wireless monitor is attached to your propane tank,
Download the TankWatch app on your phone or tablet, and you can check how much propane is in your tank whenever you like. You can also use the TankWatch website.

And not only can you keep an eye on how much propane is in your tank, Parker Gas does, too! When your propane tank reaches a set level, we’ll schedule a propane delivery so you can rest easy knowing we won’t let you run low.

In fact, we guarantee that if you ever run out of propane while using TankWatch, your fill-up is FREE!

What else can you do with TankWatch?

Checking your propane tank gauge levels whenever you want is just the beginning of what you get when you sign up for TankWatch! Here are some of the other things you can do.

Like this kind of security, control and peace of mind? Contact Parker Gas to learn more about TankWatch!