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school bus autogas fleet propaneSo many businesses here in North Carolina rely on fleet vehicles to succeed.

Managing everything related to keeping that fleet fueled keeps employees busy when they could be doing other things.

Parker Gas can help your business succeed by saving on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance, and streamlining your fleet fueling, when you switch to propane autogas.

What is autogas?

Autogas is liquid petroleum gas (LPG) for combustion engines, like those found in vehicle, some equipment, and generators. You fill your vehicle’s autogas tank with a pump and nozzle very similar to what you see at a regular service station. But it’s quite different from gasoline or diesel. It’s much better for the environment, producing a great deal fewer greenhouse gas emissions — 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides and 10% less carbon dioxide. It is also non-toxic and doesn’t create environmental damage in the rare event of a leak.

Can my fleet vehicles use autogas?

Yes, they can! You’d be surprised the wide range of vehicles and equipment that autogas can fuel, and what kind of businesses and organizations are turning to autogas. Here are just some of the vehicles and equipment that use autogas:

What are the benefits of autogas for my business?

The reduced environmental impact of autogas is terrific. But do you want to know what’s even better? How good autogas is for your bottom line!

Historically, propane costs less than gasoline or diesel. And even after you factor in the cost of converting your fleet vehicles to autogas or buying new vehicles that run on autogas, you still come out ahead. Not only are fuel costs lower, but autogas vehicles need less maintenance and have a longer engine life because autogas is so clean-burning.

Autogas also makes your business more efficient because managing your fuel usage and costs is more efficient. Since your fleet fueling is done on-site, tracking fuel usage is easy. The chore of dealing with fuel receipts, payments and reimbursements is eliminated. Fuel theft is no longer an issue.

Finally, you have a great marketing tool because using an environmentally friendly fuel will look good to potential clients and customers.

What autogas services does Parker Gas provide?

Like what you’re seeing about autogas? Parker Gas is a local company that can make it happen for your business. We’ll help you convert your fleet to run on autogas. Then we’ll design and install an autogas fueling station at your business, and train you and your employees about it (it’s easy!). And you can count on us for reliable autogas delivery so you can always get the job done.

Contact Parker Gas to learn more about our autogas options for your business, organization, government or school district.