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Save Money With Easy Pay and Pre-Buy!

save money

When winter is colder and harsher than it normally is here in North Carolina, you can experience some major swings in your propane bills and higher heating costs that can be hard to stomach.

But Parker Gas offers propane pricing and payment solutions that will get you off the heating costs roller coaster and into smooth sailing when it comes to managing your propane costs!

We’ll give you the lowdown on our Easy Pay Budget Plan and Pre-buy Price Protection Plan here.

Easy Pay Budget Plan

The Parker Gas Easy Pay Budget Plan really does make managing your propane costs, and your household budget, easy.

Think about when you use the most propane. It’s in the winter, usually right after the holiday season and right before tax time. That means right when you’re coming off your holiday spending and just ahead of when you face paying any taxes you may owe, you’re going to be spending more money on your heating costs. Ouch!

But enroll in our Easy Pay Budget Plan, and that financial squeeze is over! Instead, you get to spread your propane costs over 11 even, monthly payments from August through June. That way, you have no big surprises (or no surprises at all!) when you get your monthly statement from us. That makes planning your household spending easier.

Want to make managing your propane costs even easier? You can set up automatic monthly payments from your checking account or credit card. No need to hunt down your bill in the mail pile, write a check, or find a stamp. Your bill is paid on time, every time!

That ease and peace of mind aren’t all you get when you enroll in the Easy Pay Budget Plan. You also get a discount of 3 cents per gallon!

Pre-buy Price Protection Plan

Whether it’s geopolitics or global markets, outside influences can impact the price of your propane.

But you can avoid surprises like that with our Pre-buy Price Protection Plan. You pre-buy or lock in the price of your propane for the number of gallons you used last heating season. Once you lock in your set price, you have a choice in how to pay. You can pay 100% of your propane purchase based on current propane prices and get a discount of 10 cents per gallon. Or you can pay 30 cents per gallon down with no discount. Choose whichever option works for you!

Whatever happens with propane prices this winter, you have nothing to worry about! You’ll never pay more than your locked-in price.

This year’s Pre-buy Price Protection Plan starts in July so get in touch with us now to enroll!

Contact us so we can help you get more control of your propane costs!