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How to Clean Your Gas BBQ Grill

Keep your grill running safely and properly

cleaning a gas grill north carolina

Grilling season is in full swing here in North Carolina.

As you are making your grocery list to stock up on burgers and hots dogs, don’t forget to make sure your propane cylinder has enough propane for your next grilling. If not, swing by one of our Parker Gas propane cylinder refill stations!

There are two more things to do: Clean your propane BBQ grill and keep it clean so it will always run safely and give you great results. Proper care also helps your grill have a longer lifespan and need fewer repairs and replacements.

Gas grill cleaning: a primer

Before you start summer grilling season, you should give your propane BBQ grill a thorough inspection and cleaning. Look for signs of wear or rust. Insects love to make themselves at home in the burner tubes, so inspect those well and clean them according to manufacturer’s instructions.

For regular maintenance cleaning, we’ve put together a to-do list. You’ll need rubber gloves, a bucket of hot and soapy water (dish soap is recommended), aluminum foil, and a grill brush.

Grill cleaning to-do list

  1. Make sure all the grill burners are off and that the dials are in the “OFF” position.
  2. Turn off and disconnect the propane tank. If you’ve just finished grilling, wait until the grill is barely warm before doing this.
  3. Take out the grease trap and turn it upside-down over a garbage can so it can drip.
  4. Put on the rubber gloves and remove the grates as well as the burner protectors under them. Put the grates and burner protectors in the bucket of hot, soapy water for a good soak. Put the grease trap in as well.
  5. Use aluminum foil to cover the burner tubes and other heating elements. Then thoroughly clean the underside of the hood and the inside walls. Wipe dry with paper towels.
  6. Take the grates, burner protectors, and grease traps out of the bucket and clean those. Rinse well.
  7. Take the foil off the burner tubes and gently wipe the tubes. Carefully check burner holes with a toothpick to dislodge any clogs. Replace the burner covers, grates and grease trap.
  8. Clean the grill exterior with a manufacturer-recommended cleaner.

You should do a cleaning of your grill at least once a month. Are you hosting a big cookout? Give it a good cleaning after that, as there may be more grease than usual in the grease trap.

You can help keep your grill clean by cleaning debris off the grates after each use, and keeping the grill covered when not in use.

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