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Forklift Cylinder Exchange: Making Businesses More Efficient

Parker Gas goes to work for you

Forklift Cylinder Exchange north carolina

If you’re still using forklifts that run on diesel, gasoline, or electricity for your business, you’d be surprised how many businesses like yours here in eastern North Carolina have switched to propane forklifts.

Why? Several reasons.

Propane forklifts burn cleaner, so they can be used both indoors and out, and need less maintenance so there’s less downtime.

Speaking of less downtime, refueling a propane forklift is a matter of moments. Simply replace the empty cylinder with a full one, and the forklift is back on the job. Gasoline and diesel not only take longer, but there is the risk of a spill. And when an electric forklift is out of power, it’s out of commission until it recharges. That can take eight hours, or longer!

Propane forklifts are more durable, have more power than electric forklifts on inclines, and can operate outside in rain and snow. That’s something an electric forklift just can’t do.

Businesses like yours that are using propane forklifts know that Parker Gas is the area’s leader in forklift cylinder exchange services. Here’s what we offer.

Reliable service

Parker Gas is locally owned and locally based. We understand the needs of businesses in the area. And when one of our forklift cylinder exchange customers need us, we’re right here for them. Big national corporations can’t be that responsive.

Exchange services tailored to your needs

No two businesses are alike. So our commercial propane experts will discuss thoroughly with you what you need in terms of propane forklift cylinders, including how often you’ll need to exchange cylinders for a fresh supply. We’ll create a custom delivery and exchange schedule for you. And our service agreements are flexible so you can choose month-to-month or longer-term contracts.

A full-service forklift cylinder exchange

Before we begin delivering cylinders to your business, we set up storage cages at your business that will safely store the cylinders as well as make them easily accessible. Our trained and experienced propane experts will teach your staff everything they need to know about the safe handling of propane cylinders.

Contact us to find out how our propane forklift cylinder exchange can work for your business!