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How Propane Improves Your Outdoor Space

Discover what versatile propane can do for your great outdoors!

propane for outdoors north carolina

Looks like this will be a Staycation Summer for many of us here in North Carolina.

But with some planning, and some propane outdoor appliances, your back yard can be filled with ways to relax and have fun with loved ones this summer.

Here are some ways propane will make your great outdoors even greater.

Propane grills make grilling easy and fun

Grilling is probably the first thing you thought of when the subject of propane and your back yard came up. And with good reason — propane can’t be beat when it comes to grilling! With propane grills, you get instant, accurate temperature control that charcoal will never deliver. Unlike charcoal, there’s no long work or long wait for the grill to be ready and no messy cleanup afterwards. And propane allows light, bright flavors like herbs, citrus, fruit, and fish to shine in a way you can’t get with charcoal. We have a top-quality grills and cookers from Wilmington Grill and Bayou Classic. The Wilmington Grills allow you to customize with side burners, multiple grill surfaces, and more!

Keep the fun going with propane deck and patio heaters

Sometimes it gets a little nippy when the sun goes down. With propane patio and deck heaters, you can stay outside later and extend your outdoor season to earlier in the spring and later into the fall! The same can be said for propane pool and spa heaters.

Propane creates gathering spaces

With propane fireplaces and firepits, you have even more spaces to come together and relax with family and friends. Or you can enjoy them all by yourself with a cup of tea and a good book!

Propane makes your back yard itch-free

If mosquitos are making outside not very relaxing, a propane mosquito trap safely and effectively gets rid of them.

Parker Gas is also the propane provider you can count on! We provide safe, reliable propane delivery to your home and when you need gas for your grill or other appliances, come by one of our six offices for propane cylinder refills!

Contact us to find out more about our great selection of outdoor living appliances!