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Why Do I Need A Tank Monitor? I’ve Never Had a Runout.

Enjoy peace of mind with TankWatch!

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TankWatch is a two-part system that lets you and Parker Gas know in real time just how much propane is in your tank, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The monitor is a wireless device attached to your propane tank. You can access the data from the monitor any time with the TankWatch app on your smartphone or tablet.

TankWatch will not only tell you how much propane is in your tank, it will also tell you your average daily propane usage, shows your propane delivery history, request propane delivery or service from Parker Gas, and gives you estimates as to when your propane tank will be 30% full, 15% full, and empty. You can also customize your notifications.

And since Parker Gas also sees how much propane you have, we’ll be alerted if you’re running low and get a delivery out to you ASAP before you run out.

Why is a propane runout bad?

If you run out of propane, the solution isn’t just have Parker Gas come on over and fill your tank and then everything is hunky-dory.

First of all, if you run out of propane in cold weather, that means your home doesn’t have heat. You’ll be cold and you could be risking frozen or burst pipes. And any time of year, you’ll be taking cold showers.

Second, emergency delivery comes with an additional fee.

Third, it is required that your propane tank have a pressure test to check for any leaks that may have formed while you were out of propane. You’re paying for that, too.

Fourth, you also have to pay for a professional to re-light the pilots in all of your propane appliances before they can be used.

Propane use can vary

As we are spending more time at home lately, we may be using propane more than we usually do for cooking, water heating, etc. That’s especially true if more people are at home, like if your college-age kids are doing distance learning, or if your older parents have moved in.

TankWatch makes sure you know how much more propane you’ve been using. And if you have Automatic Delivery, you can be assured that Parker Gas knows, too, so they can even more accurately get propane to your home before you run low or run out.

Contact us to learn more about wireless propane tank monitoring from TankWatch!