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Four Propane Energy Common Myths Cleared Up

Learn more about propane!

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If all you know about propane is that it runs your BBQ grill, you have a lot to learn!

There is so much more to propane, and, as you learn about it, you may come across some myths about propane. Today, we’re busting those myths.

Myth #1: Propane is unsafe

NOT TRUE. Propane is just as safe as any other energy source you could use in your home. And in some ways, propane may even be safer!

Strict government regulations at the local, state, and national level, along with strong propane industry safety standards for propane manufacturing, handling, delivery, service, and equipment installation and maintenance have led to propane having an outstanding safety record.

Click here to learn more about propane safety and what to do if you smell gas.

Myth #2: You only use propane for grills

This is so, so wrong. Grilling is only the beginning of the ways that propane can be used in your home! Here’s just some of what propane does.

Myth #3: Propane is dirty like other fuels

This is incorrect. Propane is clean-burning, with half the carbon emissions of heating oil, and fewer emissions than electricity generated by coal-fired power plants. In fact, propane is named as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy policy!

Myth #4: Propane is expensive

WRONG! Propane is one of the most cost-effective energy sources available when you factor in the total cost of propane equipment and services. Because propane is so clean-burning, there’s less wear on equipment like furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. That means fewer repairs and longer life. Also, propane appliances reach efficiencies as high as 98%, meaning you’ll get the most bang for your energy buck with propane!

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