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Cost Savings With Propane Space Heaters

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Enjoy comfort with outstanding efficiency!

Have you been enjoying the fall weather?

We hope so, because inevitably, it’s going to get cooler, then colder. If that prospect has you fretting over your heating costs, we’re here to help.

Using propane space heaters from Parker Gas is a smart way to keep your North Carolina home warm in a cost-effective way that won’t force you to sacrifice a smidge of comfort.

Your whole house can be heated

Your home may have areas your central heating system doesn’t reach, such as an addition, an enclosed sunporch, or a finished attic. Sometimes, rooms may be heated but not very well. If you have forced-air heating, adding ductwork to those spaces can be prohibitively expensive. So, you may think that the only solution to these problems is to simply turn up the thermostat on your central heating system. But that’s where you end up wasting money and making the rest of your home uncomfortably warm.

With a propane space heater, these unheated or poorly-heated spaces get the warmth you want, but only when you want it and without putting more demand on your heating system or driving up your heating bills.

You can zone your heat

Think about how you use your home. Even if you’re home more lately, are all the rooms being used during the day? Odds are, almost everyone is in the living room, family room, dining room, or kitchen and not in the bedrooms. But when you have central heating, you’re still heating those spaces to the same temperature that you’re heating the rooms you’re actually using. That’s a lot of wasted heat and money.

With propane space heaters, you can customize how your home is heated, saving you energy and money.

You can quickly warm up your home

Because propane burns hot, propane space heaters can get a room warm quickly. A central heating system could take 30 minutes (or longer!) to warm up a room. But a propane space heater can do the job in only a few minutes.

Contact us to learn more about propane space heaters!