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Cooking With A Propane Stove: Discover The Benefits

Efficiency and great results: What’s not to love?

cooking with gas north carolina

If you, like so many other folks, love to watch cooking shows, you may have noticed that whether they’re making quick suppers or holiday dinners, the chefs have one thing in common.

They’re doing their cooking on a gas stove.

You can enjoy cooking on a gas stove no matter where you live here in eastern North Carolina, thanks to the dependable propane delivery from Parker Gas!

Here’s why your next stove should be a propane gas stove.

Cook With Control And Precision

With propane, you get much more precise control of the stove’s heating than you do with an electric stove.

A propane stove lets you adjust heat levels instantly. Electric stoves take much longer for the burners to heat up or cool down. That time can make the difference between a juicy chicken breast and sawdust.

Your adjustments on a propane stove are also much more precise. Want something between medium and medium high? Propane can do that! Electric stoves have set levels, with no option for anything in-between.

The burners on propane cooktops provide a more even distribution of heat than you get with electric stoves. When you’re making something delicate like fish or sauces, no hot spots mean less chance of burning or scorching.

Some propane stoves come with a long center burner that accommodates griddles or grill pans and heats them evenly. Whether it’s weekend pancakes or weeknight grilled kebabs, that center burner makes it easy! Propane stoves also offer features like sealed burners for easier cleaning and convection ovens.

A propane oven preheats faster than an electric one. The moister heat that propane ovens have can help prevent the Thanksgiving turkey from drying out.

Propane Gives You Efficiency And Money Savings

Compared to electric stoves, propane stoves can cost around 30% less to operate. Some of those savings comes from faster preheating of the oven and quicker stovetop heating. Pilotless ignitions on propane stoves mean you’re using less propane, adding to the savings.

Want reliable propane delivery? Become a Parker Gas customer today!