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Add Propane Appliances, Get Rebates!

propane appliance rebates north carolina

Parker Gas can help you save big!

Adding new propane appliances, or upgrading the propane appliances you have, are great investments in your North Carolina home and your quality of life there.

And if you act now, you can get all the benefits of these new propane appliances and save money to boot with rebates we at Parker Gas can help you get!

Generous state rebates are available that can save you hundreds of dollars on the purchase of qualifying propane appliances.

And the savings don’t end there! With better energy efficiency and quality, you’ll be saving money for years.

How Can Propane Appliances Improve My Home?

There are so many ways your home is better with propane appliances! Here are just a few.

Heating. You get even, comfortable home heating with propane with much better energy efficiency than electricity.

Water heating. Propane water heaters heat more water faster than electricity, saving on energy costs while letting you enjoy longer showers. Get a tankless propane water heater for more energy efficiency and all the hot water you need when you need it.

Space heating. You can enjoy and use unheated or underheated spaces like sunporches and garages year-round with propane space heaters and wall furnaces.

Cooking. A propane range gives you precise, instant temperature control that kicks your cooking up several notches while providing outstanding energy efficiency. Propane ovens also provide a moister heat so your Thanksgiving turkey can stay juicy.

Clothes drying. Propane clothes dryers make laundry day easier by getting your laundry dry 25% faster than electric clothes dryers. Your laundry also comes out with less static cling, less wear, and fewer wrinkles.

You are eligible for up to $500 in rebates per household or single location.

These are the state rebates that are available while funds last.

Dual fuel system (electric heat pump and propane furnace): $250

Furnace or gas pack: $250

Vented room heater or wall furnace: $250

Tankless or storage water heater: $150

Clothes dryer or cooktop/range: $50

Parker Gas can also help you get an available $100 rebate from Rinnai for purchase of a qualifying Rinnai tankless water heater, direct vent wall furnace, and condensing boiler.

You can find out more about the great rebates available at the Propane North Carolina website.

Contact us to get started on adding qualifying propane appliances to your home!