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Back-up Generator Tips For The Winter Season

Keep Your Home Safe And Comfortable

generator care tips north carolinaWhether it’s heavy winds, a storm, or an accident that takes down power lines, a power outage during winter can be not only uncomfortable, but dangerous.

You can avoid that by installing a Briggs & Stratton propane whole-house backup generator from Parker Gas. A whole-house generator can not only keep lights on, but keep your refrigerator, electronics, HVAC system, home security system, sump pump, medical equipment, and more running.

If you do have a standby generator, now is the time to make sure it is ready to go if the power does go out. Here are the things you need to do.

Get A Tune-up For Your Generator

Like your HVAC equipment, your generator needs annual maintenance to keep it running properly. Our service technicians will give your generator a tune-up, checking it thoroughly to spot any problems so they can be fixed before they cause a breakdown. Contact us to schedule a tune-up.

Check Your Generator’s Propane Tank Gauge Levels

Make sure you have enough propane in your generator’s propane tank to last at least a week. Bad road conditions may make it hard to get propane delivery quickly. If you’re not sure you have enough, contact us today to request a propane delivery.

Know How Your Generator Works

Re-read the owner’s manual for your generator so you are familiar with its operation.

Make Sure The Vents Are Clear

Don’t let leaves, twigs, or other yard debris build up around or over your generator’s vents. These can block the intake and exhaust vents, which can cause your generator to overheat.

Give Your Generator A Test Run

Generators that sit idle to long can develop problems that could lead to a breakdown when you need your generator running. So, start your generator at least once every month and let it run for about 20 minutes. Power it up to a full load and pay close attention for any problems. If something doesn’t work or sound right, contact us right away so we can check and, if needed, fix it so you’re ready for an outage.

Keep Records Of Use

Log every time your generator turns on. Note the length of time it operates, how it operates, and any issues that come up.

Get security and peace of mind with a propane whole-house backup generator. Contact us today to get started!