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Propane-Powered Vehicles Start Better In Cold Weather

Discover The Benefits Of Propane Autogas

propane city vehicles north carolina

When you get in a car, bus, or truck in cold weather, it can take a while for not only the engine to warm up but for the interior to warm up.

You don’t have that problem is your fleet vehicles run on clean-burning propane autogas!

What Vehicles Can Run On Propane?

Parker Gas provides complete autogas service. We’ll help you convert your fleet vehicles to run on autogas. We set up an autogas filling station at your business. And you’ll get our reliable, safe autogas delivery.

All kinds of vehicles can run on autogas, including

Autogas vehicles don’t need to idle for long periods to keep running, unlike diesel or gasoline. Thus, there’s less wear on the engines, which helps lower your maintenance and repair costs.

Because autogas vehicles start quickly and easily, the interiors get warm faster. Your drivers are safer, more comfortable, and more productive.

School Buses Are Better With Autogas

School districts are discovering the immediate and long-term benefits of converting their school bus fleets to autogas.

If you’re considering converting your school buses to run alternative fuels, converting to autogas is about one-third the cost of converting them to run on electricity. And that’s before the cost of fueling stations. Electric recharging stations for school buses cost up to 10 times more than autogas filling stations.

Sticking with diesel is a bad move when compared with what you get with autogas. On average, propane autogas costs up to 50% less than diesel. You’ll save on fuel costs from the very beginning.

In the long run, your school district benefits because propane burns so much cleaner than diesel. That clean burning means less wear on your bus engines. Your buses will need less maintenance, require fewer repairs, and will last longer. The money saved can go towards providing your students with a richer, fuller education.

Parker Gas is eastern North Carolina’s leader for autogas delivery and service. Contact us today to learn more!