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How To Choose A Propane Space Heater

Enjoy Cozy Warmth Where You Need It

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When a cold snap hits, there may be certain rooms in your home where it just never feels warm.

You don’t have to shiver! A propane space heater from Parker Gas can get that room warm and comfortable, whether it’s a sunroom, a home addition, or the garage.

We carry top-quality space heaters from some of the best manufacturers in the business, including Heatstar, Rinnai, and Sunstar.

Propane space heaters are incredibly efficient, with some models reaching 99% efficiency. That means up to 99 cents of every dollar you spend on propane goes into heating that room.

But propane space heaters are not one-size-fits-all. There are some questions that need to be answered. Fortunately, the equipment experts at Parker Gas can work with you to figure out which propane space heater will best fit your needs.

How Big Is The Space You’re Heating?

The answer to this question determines the size of your space heater.

For example, if you’re heating a smaller space of around 100 square feet, you need a space heater that can emit 2,500 British Thermal Units (BTUs). A larger space, say around 400 square feet, needs a space heater that can emit 13,600 BTUs.

You don’t want to choose a space heater that doesn’t give off enough BTUs for your space. Conversely, a space heater that is gives off many more BTUs than needed for heating your room is wasteful as you’re using more propane than needed.

Vented Or Vent-Free?

Vented propane heaters are vented out from the back of the unit into a chimney or a vent pipe, so any dangerous combustion exhausts are directed outside.

They offer a more precise heat that you have more control over.

Vented space heaters must be installed on an exterior wall, so your options may be limited as to where they can be installed in your room. Installation takes longer and is more expensive than vent-free heaters.

Ductwork and vents aren’t required with vent-free heaters, making installation easier and less expensive than vented heaters. They can also be installed where vented heaters can’t go, since vent-free heaters don’t need access to an external wall for venting.

Vent-free heaters come in a wide range of sizes. You choose between infrared heating, which radiates heat into the space, or blue flame heating, which heats the room using convection.

Today’s vent-free propane heaters come with safety features like oxygen depletion sensors, overheating protection, and automatic shutoff. Because exhaust is released inside the home, it is illegal to install vent-free heaters in rooms where people sleep. Some towns or cities may ban them altogether. Check your local codes before you choose a space heater.

Contact us to get learn more about adding space heaters to your home!