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Propane Incentives Can Help Landscapers

Go Green And Save Some Green With Propane!

propane autogas north carolinaWith the arrival of spring comes opportunities for income and growth for your landscaping business.

One investment you can make now that will pay off for years to come is converting your landscaping equipment and vehicles to propane.

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) offers incentives to a wide range of businesses to use propane. Those incentives are also available for landscaping business. They are designed to help reduce the up-front cost of propane mowers.

Landscaping companies can get $1,000 for each purchase of a qualifying new propane commercial mower, and $500 for each qualifying mower conversion to propane.

You may also be eligible for incentives from the state for converting your vehicle fleet to propane autogas.

The commercial fuel experts at Parker Gas can help you navigate the incentive programs and help you convert your equipment and vehicles to propane.

More Benefits For Propane Landscaping Equipment

The investment in converting to propane pays off in several ways.

Propane typically costs less per gallon than gasoline. You may even get a tax break by converting your vehicles and trucks to propane!

Productivity is increased because your employees will spend less time refueling equipment. Replacing an empty propane tank with a full one is a matter of moments and work continues. When your fleet vehicles use autogas, they are filled at your business and your employees don’t have to stop work to find a filling station.

Because propane is clean burning, your equipment and vehicles will last longer, and need fewer repairs and less maintenance. Less time in the shop means more time out on jobs generating income for your business.

Autogas: Better For Your Fleet Vehicles

Like equipment, propane is better for your landscaping trucks and other fleet vehicles. Its clean burning reduces engine wear, saving you on maintenance and repair costs while helping your trucks and vehicles last longer.

Using autogas and propane-powered equipment makes managing your fuel usage easier and virtually eliminates fuel theft, helping to lower your costs even more.

Do you have questions about converting your landscaping equipment and vehicles to propane? Contact us and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have.