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Propane For Your Agriculture Business

Key uses and benefits propane gives to farmers

propane for farms north carolina

Agriculture/agribusiness is the leading industry here in North Carolina, where there are more than 50,000 farms that use 8.5 million acres of land for produce including sweet potatoes and strawberries, livestock such as turkeys and hogs, and products like eggs and Christmas trees.

Our farmers work hard to provide all these items. Agricultural propane services from Parker Gas help them get that work done safely and efficiently while helping to improve their bottom line.

In addition to reliable bulk propane delivery, we also offer installation and service of both standard and custom propane tanks, tank vaporizers, frost protection equipment and support, crop drying support, forklift cylinder exchange, and propane autogas.

Propane Uses On The Farm

Here are some ways propane can help around your farm.

Heating. Propane provides energy-efficient heating, space heating, and water heating for barns, greenhouses, poultry houses, and other buildings on your farm, including your home. Also, since your propane supply is right there on your farm, you aren’t dependent on an outside utility for heating.

Irrigation. Propane engines provide clean-burning, efficient power for your irrigation system.

Generators. Did you know that power outages are twice as common now as they were only 10 years ago? Power outages can be costly on your farm in many ways. Propane standby generators keep your home, barns, poultry houses, and other outbuildings lit and safe. Unlike other fuels, propane does not degrade over time so it’s ready to use whenever you need your generators to kick on.

Forklifts. Propane forklifts are not only more powerful and efficient than electric forklifts, but also can operate both indoors and outside thanks to extremely low emissions. Our forklift cylinder exchange helps ensure you’ll always have the fuel your forklifts need.

Crop drying. Propane crop dryers let you keep more of your yield that would be lost to rot if left to dry outdoors. They’re also up 50% more efficient than crop dryers powered by other fuels.

Frost protection. Protect your crops from a cold snap with propane-powered frost protection equipment. They keep your crops safe without the risks posed by gasoline spills.

Weed control. Propane flame weed control is vastly superior to herbicides in all ways. It does not damage soil or get into the groundwater as herbicides can. It is extremely effective. You and your workers aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals. Also, you can get back to work in the field right away rather than having to wait as you do with herbicides.

Vehicles and equipment. Just about all your farm’s vehicles and equipment —tractors, delivery trucks, mowers, and more — can run on clean-burning, efficient propane and propane autogas. Propane engines are cheaper to operate per mile, and, because of that clean-burning, need less maintenance and fewer repairs than gasoline or diesel engines.

Parker Gas has been providing propane delivery and service to North Carolina farms for more than 60 years. Put that experience to work at your farm and become a Parker Gas customer!