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Gas Logs vs. Traditional Fireplaces for the Home

Enjoy cozy fires this season without the work!

propane hearths north carolinaWith the arrival of fall comes sweaters, flannels, pumpkin spice everything, and curling up by a fire in the fireplace.

There’s some work involved before you can relax before a wood fire. First, you have to schlep in the wood, build a fire, light it, and wait for it to get going. Then when you’re done, you have to deal with the messes of ashes and soot.

You can avoid all of that and go straight to enjoying your fire with propane gas logs from Parker Gas! We offer a wide range of styles and sizes, so you’ll find the right one for your home!

Enjoy convenience

Propane gas logs offer the ultimate in convenience when it comes to your comfort. All you have to do is push a button and you have a fire, no waiting!

You don’t have to worry about having firewood on hand with gas logs. Your fuel supply is right there in your propane tank! With our Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring, you’ll always have the propane you need for a fire in your fireplace.

Work-free comfort

Anyone who has used a wood-burning fireplace knows how difficult it is to clean them after their last use—and, more importantly, how essential regular maintenance is. Another one of the greatest advantages of gas log fireplaces is that there is no need for post-fire clean up. Because you are not burning real logs, you won’t have to bother about cleaning the ash or searching the internet for a specialist chimney cleaning business.

However, we must emphasize that it that your gas log fireplace needs annual maintenance. This service can be done in a quick visit by our propane experts. On top of our maintenance services, our team of specialists can assist you troubleshoot or repair any issues with your propane gas logs.

Gas logs look great all the time

Unlike traditional fireplaces, you don’t have to look at ashes, soot, or chunks of burned wood. Gas logs make for a good-looking fireplace.

You can select from a variety of looks with your gas log set. Our gas logs are handcrafted to appear exactly like genuine wood and are exquisite works of art. You may go traditional with oak, rustic with pine or birch, and seaside with driftwood. There’s a set of gas logs that will perfectly fit your fireplace and your style!

Ready to upgrade to the comfort, convenience, and style that gas logs provide? Come to our nearest showroom to get started!