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Tips for Propane Winter BBQ Grilling

Enjoy grilled deliciousness no matter what the temperature!

grilling in cold weather north carolinaWhen you check out the cooking shows and magazines this time of year, the focus is on hearty cold-weather food like soups, stews, and roasts.

But what if you’re hankering for a juicy grilled burger? You don’t have to wait until next summer when you have a propane grill!

Propane makes winter grilling a snap because propane grills warm up in minutes, unlike charcoal which can take a half-hour. Propane grills also can grill quickly with precise temperature control.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about how to grill in the winter.

Make sure your grill is ready

While the weather is still warm, or at least not frigid, give your grill a thorough inspection, making sure that hoses, regulators, and other parts are in safe working order. Do any repairs or parts replacements. Also give your grill a good cleaning and clean it regularly all winter so it will operate efficiently and safely.

Always have enough propane on hand

Your grill will have to use more propane to combat the colder outdoor temperature in order to keep the grill hot enough to grill your food. It will also require also between five and 10 more minutes more time to warm up to the desired temperature before you can start grilling. Keep a back-up propane cylinder on hand so you don’t run out while grilling. Parker Gas makes this easy with propane cylinder refill services at all eight of our locations!

Make winter grilling easy

Move your grill where the wind is blocked as much as possible. The grill should be perpendicular to the wind so that the flame does not blow down the tube burners wherever you put it. Keep an eye on the flame since, in some cases, wind may blow it out.

Because it gets dark earlier this time of year, your grill should be in a well-lit location. This is so you can ensure that the flame is on and that you are safe operating the grill. Furthermore, you will be better able to observe how your food is cooking. A grill light would be beneficial. They’re affordable and can be found in most home improvement stores and online.

Think speed when grilling. This is not the time to be using your grill for long projects like pulled pork or brisket. Steaks, fish, boneless chicken, and kebabs let you enjoy grilled food with minimum outdoors time.

Preparation is critical for successful winter grilling, so you don’t keep going inside then back out to the grill. Make sure you have everything you need at the grill —brushes, tongs, sauces, spices, and trays to carry in and out the food—to expedite the grilling process. This allows you to grill more quickly while also being safer.

Speaking of speed, keep the lid down when grilling. Every time you open the grill lid, heat escapes, so you’ll be outside longer, and your grill will not be as efficient. The cover should be down, and the vents should be open as much as possible.

Put safety first

When it comes to placing your grill, you should keep it as close to the house as possible. It’s simpler to access and return into the home this way. There is less of a route to clear, which you must constantly maintain in order to avoid falls. However, keep safety in mind and make sure the grill is placed a safe distance from the home to prevent fires or siding damage. Also, NEVER use your grill in an indoor or covered area such as a garage or carport since there is a greater chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Propane cylinders should also never be stored indoors or in enclosed areas. Don’t wear a scarf or anything else that can dangle over the flame and be cautious of the flame near your coat and other outerwear.

Ready to upgrade your propane grill? Contact Parker Gas to find out more about our great selection of grills!