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4 Ways to Make Winter Easier

Parker Gas is here to help!

propane delivery service north carolinaThis time of year can be pretty stressful, what with holiday travel, shopping, cooking, etc.

Parker Gas can make managing your home’s propane supply and costs easier in several ways so there are two less things for you to worry about.

1. Ensure your propane supply

With our Automatic Delivery, we take the work and worry out of getting your propane. We use your propane usage history along with the current temperatures to accurately calculate when you’ll need propane and make the delivery before you run low. You don’t have to do a thing!

If you want even more precision when it comes to getting your propane, we offer wireless propane monitoring with TankWatch. It uses wireless and cellular technology to track in real time exactly how much propane is in your tank. When it reaches a set level, we’re notified and make a delivery. Again, no work, no worries! You can also track your propane usage with the easy-to-use TankWatch app.

TankWatch is also great for people who travel frequently, or who live elsewhere for part of the year. You can be sure you always have propane but avoid unneeded deliveries. Owners of income properties and short-term rentals find TankWatch makes managing the propane supply of those properties easier as well.

2. Enroll in Easy Pay

Instead of having to pay one big bill with each propane delivery this winter, our Easy Pay budget plan spreads your propane costs over 11 easy monthly installments. You have more control over your propane costs AND save money because Easy Pay customers receive a discount of 3 cents per gallon!

3. Replace old propane appliances

If your energy costs are giving you stress, you can help lower them by upgrading to new, high-efficiency propane appliances. For example, a propane tankless water heater can cut your water heating energy costs by 30% or more! Today’s propane heating systems achieve efficiencies as high as 98%.

4. Maintain safe propane tank access

Winter weather can present challenges for propane delivery. Make sure your driveway is safely cleared at a width large enough for our delivery trucks to safely navigate, about 10 feet. Also keep the path to your propane tank safely clear. We may not be able to delivery your propane if our delivery driver cannot safely reach your tank.

Parker Gas can help you with all of these. Contact us today to get started!