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Parker Gas: Your Propane Generator Experts

Count on us for all your generator needs!

generator expert north carolinaAre you looking into installing a propane whole-house backup generator for your home? You’ve come to the right place!

Parker Gas is an authorized full-service Briggs & Stratton dealer. Briggs & Stratton propane whole-house backup generators are known for their outstanding quality. They’re quiet, efficient, and clean-burning.

We can help you choose the right size to meet the needs of your home. Our service technicians are trained to safely and properly install and service your new generator as well as the propane tank for it. And you know that we can’t be beaten when it comes to reliable propane delivery.

How does a propane backup generator work?

Your propane whole-house backup generator contains an automatic transfer switch (ATS), which is connected to your home’s main breaker panel. If the power goes out, it immediately and seamlessly transfers the selected electrical circuits and appliances to be powered by the generator. When the ATS senses that electrical power has been restored to your home, it transfers those circuits and appliances back to being powered by your electrical utility.

Why get a propane whole-house backup generator?

A portable generator may be an OK make-do for a power outage that runs a few hours, but you have likely seen several stories about long power outages. Causes include storms, wind, ice, car accidents, and failing electrical utility grids.

There’s much more to a propane whole-house backup generator than just keeping the lights on. You get protection, security, and comfort with a propane whole-house backup generator. Here are some of the advantages a propane backup generator provides:

Don’t suffer through winter power outages in the cold and dark! Contact Parker Gas to get started on adding a propane whole-house backup generator to your home.