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Appliance Spotlight: Propane Fireplaces

Get cozy comfort and convenience with Parker Gas!

propane hearth north carolinaLet’s face it: wood-burning fireplaces are a hassle.

There’s the work of laying, building, and cleaning up a wood fire. You also have to clean the chimney each year to make sure it is safe.

But with propane fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and gas logs from Parker Gas, all you need to do to enjoy a fire in the fireplace is push a button on the remote control. And when you’re done, your fireplace looks great with no ashes, charred wood, or soot to clean up.

Our propane fireplace experts will walk you through the whole process. If you don’t have a masonry chimney, we offer attractive, efficient propane fireplaces that come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Whether you choose a propane fireplace or fireplace insert, we also make sure you get the right gas logs in the correct size for maximum efficiency and comfort. Our gas logs are attractive and come in an array of wood looks including oak, pine, birch, and driftwood.

Vented or vent-free?

If you decide on a propane fireplace insert in your existing masonry fireplace, you must choose whether to get vented or vent-free. Efficiency, where your fireplace is located, local building codes, and the appearance of the fireplace are all considered.

Vented logs create a wide, lifelike flame that is comparable to a genuine wood fire. However, in order to get this look, an open chimney flue or damper is required, and a lot of the generated heat escapes through them.

The chimney flue is closed with vented gas logs to improve energy efficiency. You’ll have excellent energy efficiency, but the flame isn’t as lifelike or powerful so it doesn’t provide quite the same level of warmth. A thermostat regulates the temperature in vent-free log sets to maintain a constant environment. Because vent-free gas logs introduce moisture to the air, adequate ventilation is necessary to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Because vent-free gas logs produce a small quantity of exhaust into your indoor environment, they are not appropriate for bedrooms or other small, closed spaces like bathrooms or RVs. Vent-free gas logs are also prohibited in some local building regulations. Before purchasing your gas logs, see if vent-free gas logs are permissible in your community.

Are you ready for the convenience and comfort of a propane fireplace? Contact Parker Gas today to get started on adding one to your home!